In the House – Tuesday 17 November 2020

On Tuesday, the Leader of the Government was required to "attend in his place" to report on the production of documents relating to the Stronger Communities Fund. The Leader of the House also tabled the Budget Papers in preparation for debate on the Appropriation Bills next week. Two bills were also debated and agreed to. Read on for more information.

Budget Estimates: Spot the difference

If you've seen the Budget Estimates resolution for this year, you may have noticed that it looks slightly different to Budget Estimates resolutions gone by. As we mentioned in our previous Budget Estimates post, each year, the House refers the budget papers to the 7 portfolio committees for inquiry and report. As always, the Budget … Continue reading Budget Estimates: Spot the difference

In the House – Wednesday 20 June 2018

On the last government business day before the winter recess the House adjourned in the early hours of the morning in consequence of its heavy legislative workload. The House agreed to five government bills and Assembly amendments to a sixth bill originating in the Council. The House set down consideration of a further two government bills received from the Assembly for after the winter recess.