Public Health Amendment (Safe Access to Reproductive Health Clinics) Bill 2018 (Ms Sharpe, Australian Labor Party)

House of origin: Legislative Council

This bill is co-sponsored by Mr Khan and Ms Sharpe.

The bill seeks to introduce safe access zones around reproductive health clinics at which abortions are provided in order to protect the safety, wellbeing and privacy of patients and employees. The bill creates new offences relating to the behaviour and actions of persons within a safe access zone, the obstruction of access to health clinics, and the unauthorised recording and distribution of visual data which would identify persons in a safe access zone.

Before the bill was introduced Revd Mr Nile (CDP) took a point of order arguing that debate on the bill should be postponed until the decision of the High Court concerning the validity of similar legislation introduced in Victoria was known. The President did not uphold the point of order.

Ms Sharpe (ALP) introduced the bill, which is co-sponsored by Mr Khan (NAT), and gave her second reading speech (see Hansard for details). At the conclusion of Ms Sharpe’s speech debate was adjourned for five calendar days.

Select Committee on landowner protection from unauthorised filming or surveillance (Mr Borsak, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party)

The motion establishes a select committee to inquire into and report on the nature of protections for landowners from unauthorised filming or surveillance. The proposed terms of reference for the select committee includes an examination of the extent and appropriateness of penalties for persons filming without consent, and the implications for self-incrimination and the use of new media platforms.

Members from all parties spoke to the motion, see Hansard to follow the debate. The motion was agreed to on division (35:5) with the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, Government, Opposition, Animal Justice Party and Christian Democratic Party voting in support of the motion, and members of The Greens opposed. The activities of the Select Committee on landowner protection from unauthorised filming or surveillance can be followed via the committees NSW Parliament webpage.

Defend TAFE Bill 2018 (Ms Walker, The Greens)

The bill seeks to preserve TAFE campuses and assets in public ownership by prohibiting their sale, transfer or lease to any interest other than a state government agency under the control and direction of a Minister. The bill also seeks to ensure that all state government funding for vocational education and training is allocated solely by the TAFE Commission.

Ms Walker introduced the bill on Thursday and gave her second reading speech (see Hansard for a transcript of Ms Walker’s speech). At the conclusion Ms Walker’s speech, debate on the bill was adjourned for five calendar days.

Order for Papers–Tune Report on the out-of-home-care system (Mr Donnelly, Australian Labor Party)

In November 2015, the Government commissioned Mr David Tune AO PSM to carry out an independent review of the out-of-home-care system in New South Wales. Mr Tune delivered the report of his review towards the end of 2016. While the Government has published online a summary of the findings and recommendations of the Review, it has not, to date, released the full report.

The motion calls for the final report and final draft report of the independent review of the out-of-home care system in New South Wales conducted by Mr David Tune to be produced to the House within four calendar days.

The motion, moved by Mr Donnelly, was the fourth item of private members’ business debated on Thursday (see Hansard for a transcript of the debate). The motion was supported by the Opposition, The Greens, Animal Justice Party and by one Government member, Mr Mason-Cox. The motion was agreed to on Division 20:19.

The return to the order is due on Monday 21 May 2018.

Violence in South Africa (Revd Mr Nile, Christian Democratic Party)

The motion states that a political culture of racist violence has been fostered in South Africa, in which white farmers are the subject of extreme brutality which was not being treated by the authorities with the urgency it deserves. The motion calls on the Government to condemn the violence, for the Commonwealth Government to raise the alleged racial targeting of farmers in the Republic of South Africa internationally, and to investigate what New South Wales can do to assist the victims of racist violence.

Revd Mr Nile spoke to the motion, following which the debate was adjourned until the next sitting day (see Hansard to read Revd Nile’s speech).

Live Animal Export Industry (Mr Pearson, Animal Justice Party)

The motion condemns the live animal export industry and notes the recent Animals Australia exposé of the extreme suffering of sheep confined on the Awassi Express.  The motion calls on the Minister for Primary Industries to meet with the Federal Minister for Agriculture to convey the Council’s disgust at the continued breaches of Australian animal cruelty laws, and to advocate for a ban on live animal exports. The motion also calls on the Government to prohibit the land transport of animals to New South Wales ports or other States for the purpose of boarding onto live export ships.

Mr Pearson and the Hon Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries, spoke to the motion. The Minister opposed the motion on the grounds that it failed to acknowledge the actions of the Government and the New South Wales livestock sector to ensure high standards of animal welfare in the industry.

The debate was adjourned until next sitting day (see Hansard to read the debate).

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

    • Dr Faruqi – Federal Budget
    • Mr Clarke – Religious Freedom
    • Ms Voltz – Member for East Hills
    • Mr Green – Broken Hill Infrastructure and Services
    • Mr Graham – State Infrastructure Discount Rate
    • Mr Farlow – Tribute to Elsie Lorraine Miller
    • Mr Secord – Theatre Etiquette

See Hansard for details of the debate.


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