Return to order and disputed claim of privilege

According to the resolution of the House of Tuesday 5 June, the Clerk tabled documents received on Friday 8 June relating to Sydney stadiums, the Powerhouse Museum relocation business case and the Tune Report on the out-of-home care system.

In accordance with a further resolution of the House of Tuesday 5 June 2018, the Clerk tabled documents identified as not privileged in the report of the Independent Legal Arbiter, the Honourable Keith Mason AC QC, from which certain information has been redacted by the relevant agencies.

Further information on the Government’s response to these orders for papers is discussed in detail in last week’s post.

Government business

Water Management Amendment Bill 2018

House of origin: Legislative Council

The bill amends the Water Management Act 2000 with respect to management plans, approvals and access licences, Murray-Darling Basin water resources, metering equipment, enforcement and liability, the provision of information and management of environmental water, and other purposes. In his second reading speech, the Minister indicated that the bill implements aspects of the Water Reform Action Plan, which he announced in December 2017 as a blueprint to reform water management in New South Wales.

Debate on the second reading of the bill resumed on Tuesday (see Hansard for details of the debate, which commenced before Question Time and continued later that day). The second reading was agreed to on division (23:18), with the Government, Christian Democratic Party and the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party voting for the bill and the Opposition, The Greens and the Animal Justice Party voting against the second reading.

In the committee stage a Government amendment changing the commencement date for certain provisions of the bill was agreed to on the voices. Three other Government amendments were agreed to on division with the support of Christian Democratic Party and the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party. These amendments had the effect of limiting the types of mandatory conditions that can be imposed by regulation to conditions on access licences and approvals, removing a proposed power to make temporary water restriction orders and clarifying that managing water for environmental purposes is an example of the public interest for the purposes of the Act.

In addition to the four Government amendments, the Opposition moved four amendments and The Greens moved 17 amendments. Ultimately all these amendments were negatived either on the voices or on division.

The third reading of the bill was set down for next sitting day.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

  • Dr Phelps – Operation Jasper
  • Mr Primrose – Local Government Policy
  • Mr Shoebridge – Wollar Community Social Impact Management Plan
  • Mr Franklin – North Coast Community Groups
  • Mr Moselmane – State Budget and Education
  • Mr Field – State Budget

See Hansard for details of the debate.