Ms Cate Faehrmann signs the roll of the House

Tuesday afternoon saw Ms Cate Faehrmann signing the roll of the House. This document lists all members who have served in the NSW Legislative Council, and includes their signature, the date of their election, the Parliament in which their term will expire and the date they were sworn. In this instance Ms Faehrmann was elected at a joint sitting on 15 August and took the Pledge of Loyalty before the Lieutenant-Governor on 29 August.

The joint sitting took place in order to fill the vacant seat in the Council caused by the resignation of Dr Mehreen Faruqi. Dr Faruqi was subsequently elected to the Australian Senate. Details available here.

As Ms Faehrmann was previously a member of the Legislative Council from 2010 to 2013 she will not be giving a formal inaugural speech. Her biographical and parliamentary service details are available here, including her inaugural speech from 2010. Ms Faehrmann is welcomed back to the Council.

Ballot to elect committee members

Following the resignation of Dr Faruqi in August, four crossbench committee positions became vacant and the Clerk called for nominations to fill these positions.

Ms Cate Faehrmann nominated and became a member of the Procedure Committee and the Public Works Committee.

However, more than one crossbench member nominated to become a member of the Privileges Committee and Portfolio Committee No. 5 – Industry and Transport. In the absence of agreement, the standing orders dictate that membership must be determined by a ballot in the House.

In this instance Mr Robert Borsak and Ms Cate Faehrmann both nominated to fill the vacant committee position for the Privileges Committee and Mr Mark Pearson and Ms Cate Faehrmann both nominated to become a member of Portfolio Committee No. 5 – Industry and Transport.

The results of the ballots were that Ms Faehrmann was elected to serve on the Privileges Committee and Mr Pearson was elected to become a member of Portfolio Committee No. 5 – Industry and Transport.


Government business

Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Penalties and Other Sanctions) Bill

House of Origin: Legislative Assembly

The bill increases the maximum penalties for certain alcohol and other drug related driving offences. The bill allows police to issue immediate licence suspension notices when a driver has committed an offence relating to novice range, special range or low range prescribed concentration of alcohol. The bill expands the mandatory alcohol interlock program to include more offences and permits Roads and Maritime Services to require persons convicted of certain alcohol and other drug related driving offences to undertake education programs. Additionally the bill creates an offence for conduct that results in damage, disruption or obstruction and certain other conduct on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and other major bridges and tunnels.

The Bill was received from the Legislative Assembly and introduced into the House on Wednesday 15 August. On Tuesday 18 September debate on the second reading of the bill commenced (see Hansard for a transcript of the debate) before being interrupted for Questions. Opposition amendments were circulated, however debate did not resume on the bill and it remained on the Notice Paper for Wednesday.

Earlier in the day the House agreed to a recommendation from the Selection of Bills Committee that the bill be referred to the Standing Committee on Law and Justice for inquiry and report at the conclusion of the second reading debate. The House also agreed that the committee should report on the bill by Tuesday 25 September 2018, meaning this will be a very short, sharp inquiry with a single public hearing.


Committee reports

The House took note of several committee reports. See Hansard for details of the debate.


Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

  • Mr Moselmane – National Indigenous Human Rights Awards
  • Mr Farlow – State Infrastructure
  • Mr Borsak – Taxi Industry
  • Mr Martin – The Entrance Electorate Infrastructure
  • Mr Wong – Chinese Australians
  • Mr Brown – Aged Care Facilities

See Hansard for details of the debate