Private members’ business

Agricultural Shows in New South Wales (Mrs Taylor, The Nationals)

The motion acknowledged the role of agricultural shows in promoting and protecting the country’s pastoral, agricultural, horticultural and industrial resources.

The motion had previously been debated on 15 March, 16 August and 20 September. On Thursday, debate on the motion resumed immediately after formalities. After contributions from a number of members from both sides of the House, the motion was agreed to on the voices (see Hansard for a transcript of the debate).

The Berejiklian Government (Mr Graham, Australian Labor Party)

The motion calls on the House to condemn the Berejiklian Government in the wake of recent controversies over preselections for the March 2019 general election, particularly in respect to the seats of Hawkesbury, Epping and Castle Hill.

Mr Graham commenced debate on the motion, and was followed by contributions from a number of Opposition and Government members. Opposition members argued that the recent controversy over Liberal Party preselections was having a deleterious impact on the Government’s focus. In response Government members rejected the Opposition argument, noting the Government’s infrastructure achievements and similar preselection battles in the Labor Party in the past. See Hansard for a transcript of the debate.

After contributions from seven members, debate was adjourned until the next sitting day.

Animal Research Amendment (Reduction in Deaths of Dogs and Cats Used for Research) Bill (Mr Pearson, Animal Justice Party)

The bill seeks to reduce numbers of deaths of dogs and cats used in connection with animal research by providing for the homing of those animals. The bill requires a research establishment to take all reasonable steps to home a dog or cat that is no longer required for animal research purposes unless a vet has determined that the animal is not suitable to be homed. The bill also provides that a dog or cat is taken to be no longer required for research purposes if it has been kept for more than six months.

The bill had been introduced on 21 June 2018 at which time Mr Pearson gave his second reading speech. On Thursday afternoon when debate on the second reading resumed, the Minister for Primary Industries (Mr Blair) and the Shadow Minister (Mr Veitch) presented the Government and the Opposition positions on the bill (see Hansard for a transcript of the debate). In debate, Mr Blair said that while the Government was opposed to the bill, more information regarding rehoming data will be provided from January 2019. Mr Blair also indicated an intention to support the future development of a code of practice for the care of research animals. Mr Veitch indicated that if the bill was put to a vote it would receive the support of the Opposition, but sought clarification from Mr Pearson regarding some aspects of the bill, including possible unintended consequences regarding animal welfare. Following the contributions from Mr Blair and Mr Veitch, debate was adjourned.

Forestry Amendment (Public Enforcement Rights) Bill 2017 (Ms Walker, The Greens)

The bill amends the Forestry Act 2012 to remove a prohibition on third parties bringing proceedings in relation to certain breaches of that Act.

The bill had been introduced and Ms Walker’s second reading speech delivered on 19 October 2017. Debate on the second reading of the bill resumed on Thursday afternoon, with two members making contributions before the interruption for the adjournment of the House. Mr Colless (Government) argued that in effect the bill would not protect public forests, while Mr Brown (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party) explained that his party has a philosophical difference with The Greens on forestry and how best the environment should be protected. See Hansard for a transcript of the debate.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

  • Mr MacDonald – Health Infrastructure
  • Mr Borsak – Marine Park Lockout Proposal
  • Mr Mookhey – Drug Addicts Rehabilitation/Superannuation Funds
  • Mr Green – National Palliative Care Week
  • Mrs Ward – Heathcote Electorate Infrastructure
  • Mr Graham – Employment/Parliamentary Friends of Australian Music

See Hansard for details of the debate.