Private members’ business

National Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Tree Thinning Operations) Bill 2018 (Mr Brown, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party)

This bill seeks to authorise tree thinning operations in the Murray Valley and Pilliga national parks, including the removal and sale of the timber obtained from these operations.

In his second reading speech Mr Brown argued that the bill would help to avoid ‘lock up’, where the rate of growth of tree stems in a forest is so high that the forest cannot grow beyond a certain stage (See Hansard for a transcript of Mr Brown’s speech).

Following Mr Brown’s speech, the debate was adjourned for five calendar days.

Gambling Advertising Prohibition Bill 2018 (Reverend Mr Nile, Christian Democratic Party)

The bill seeks to discourage all forms of gambling by prohibiting promotion and advertising of gambling, and requires studies to be undertaken to demonstrate the impact of existing legislation relating to gambling on families and the community.

Reverend Nile introduced the bill and delivered his second reading speech on Thursday (See Hansard for a transcript of Reverend Nile’s speech), before debate was adjourned for five calendar days.

Go NSW Equity Fund (Mr Graham, Australian Labor Party)

The motion concerned comments made by the Deputy Premier, the Hon John Barilaro MP, during the 2018-19 Budget Estimates committee hearings (see Committee transcript) and in the Legislative Assembly’s Question Time on Tuesday (see Hansard) concerning the administration of the GO NSW Equity Fund and the approval process for a $20 million equity investment in the company ‘Australia’s Oyster Coast’. The motion asserted that despite repeated claims by the Deputy Premier that a decision to provide $20 million to invest in Australia’s Oyster Coast was made at arm’s length from the Government – there was evidence to show that the final decision was signed off by the Minister. The motion called for the Deputy Premier to apologise for his remarks and for misleading Parliament and to resign.

Four members of the Opposition and a Greens member spoke in support of the motion. Conversely four Government members spoke in strong opposition, arguing that the motion cherry-picked excerpts from parliamentary transcripts and that the $20 million investment followed due process in every regard (See Hansard for a transcript of the full debate).

The motion went to a division where it was defeated (18:21), with the Opposition, The Greens and the Animal Justice Party voting in favour, and the Christian Democratic Party voting with the Government against the motion.

Central Coast Food Futures Forum (Mr Martin, Liberal Party)

The motion notes that as part of the Central Coast Food Innovation Initiative, the Central Coast Food Futures Forum was held in Tumbi Umbi on Thursday 26 April 2018. The motion further notes the significant contribution of the food industry to the State’s economy, outlines the strategic regional goals of the Central Coast Food Innovation Initiative and the incorporation of these goals into the Central Coast Regional Plan. The motion concludes by congratulating the Government on driving economic growth on the Central Coast.

The debate resumed on Thursday with a brief contribution from one government member (Mrs Maclaren-Jones) highlighting the economic benefits of growing and innovating the food value chain in regional areas. Debate was then adjourned.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Global Warming (Mr Buckingham, The Greens)

The motion notes the statement in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Global Warming’s that the use of coal to generate electricity must be reduced to 0-2 per cent by 2050 to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees, and calls on the Government to develop an energy policy for the State to reduce emissions in line with the UN Paris Agreement.

Mr Buckingham moved his motion on Thursday afternoon. In his speech Mr Buckingham argued for action on climate change and for a renewable energy revolution in the State and criticised the Government for its efforts to date (See Hansard for a transcript of Mr Buckingham’s speech). Debate was interrupted for Questions.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

  • Mrs Ward – Coogee Electorate Health Infrastructure
  • Mr Secord – Death of Ms Mischelle Rhodes
  • Mr Field – Shoalhaven Council
  • Mrs Houssos – Government Procurement
  • Mr Franklin – Mental Health Month
  • Revd Mr Nile – Police Association of NSW

See Hansard for details of the debate.