Today the Legislative Council was prorogued! It was what?

Prorogation means the Governor has ended a session of Parliament and the 56th Parliament is officially ‘finished’ .

Remember our post about the next sitting date? Well it turns out we were correct. Although the House adjourned until 26 February, prorogation means it can’t actually sit tomorrow. Prorogation is the end of (almost) all business before the House until after the election.

The one thing that does keep going are committees. Unlike most other business of the House, Upper House Committees can (and do) keep working after prorogation until the expiry of the Legislative Assembly on Friday 1 March. In fact a number of important inquiries will be wrapping up in the next few days, including the long-running inquiry into Museums & Galleries.

So raise your glass to the 56th Parliament. *Auld Lang Syne plays sadly in the background* Take a little breath, relax, and we’ll see you on the other side of the election.