The House debated a Matter of Public Importance concerning Crown Resorts and a bill about online betting was introduced. Meanwhile, the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill passed the LA. More news on this coming soon.

Matter of Public Importance

Matters of Public Importance allow the House to debate an issue without the House having to resolve the matter in any particular way.

Mr Field, an Independent member in the Council, moved a Matter of Public Importance concerning Crown Resorts and the granting of the VIP gaming facility casino licence in New South Wales. Issues raised during the debate included: the decision to grant Crown Resorts a VIP gambling facility licence in 2014, including the probity assessment undertaken by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority at that time; the recent media reports concerning Crown; current Federal and State investigations into those allegations; and the need for public confidence in Government decision making processes, the operation of casinos and the casino regulatory framework.

See Hansard for the full debate.

Gambling Legislation Amendment (Online and Other Betting) Bill 2019

House of origin: Legislative Council

The bill seeks to regulate new forms of online betting and to restrict inducements to gamble.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Mr Farlow, introduced the bill on behalf of Minister Mitchell and gave the second reading speech on Wednesday (see Hansard for a transcript of his speech). At the conclusion of Mr Farlow’s speech debate was adjourned for five calendar days.

Address-in-Reply to the Governor’s Opening Speech

The House continued to debate the Address-in-Reply to the Governor’s opening speech. The Address-in-Reply provides an opportunity for members to respond to the government’s agenda as outlined by the Governor.

See Hansard for the latest contributions to Address-in-reply debate.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

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