This week’s committee activity has been all about hearings. On the agenda this week was delegated legislation, workers compensation and the Powerhouse Museum.

Week kicks off with hearing into delegated legislation

The first hearing of this week was for the Regulation Committee’s inquiry into the making of delegated legislation in New South Wales.

The inquiry is examining the extent to which the Parliament has delegated power to make delegated legislation to the executive government, and the use of delegated legislation making power, including any instances of executive government overreach.

The committee heard from a range of witnesses, including representatives from the Law Society of New South Wales and the NSW Bar Association, Associate Professor Lorne Neudorf from Adelaide Law School, representatives from the NSW Council of Civil Liberties, and the NSW Parliamentary Counsel’s Office.

The committee expects to table its report by October this year.

Law and Justice committee begins hearings for the 2020 Review of the Workers Compensation Scheme

The Standing Committee on Law and Justice is also currently conducting hearings for its 2020 Review of the Workers Compensation Scheme.

Witnesses from this week’s hearing included union groups, Business NSW and the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association.

In upcoming hearings, the committee is expecting to hear from representatives from the legal and insurance industry; as well as icare, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority and the Workers Compensation Independent Review Officer.

The committee also expects to table its report by the end of October.

Powerhouse Museum under the spotlight at a second upper house inquiry

Hearings for the inquiry into the Government’s management of the Powerhouse Museum and other museums and cultural projects began yesterday. Appearing first before the committee was the Hon Don Harwin MLC, Minister for the Public Service and Employee Relations, Aboriginal Affairs, and the Arts, who gave an update on the decision to maintain the Powerhouse Museum’s current site in Ultimo, and also build a second site in Parramatta.

In addition to representatives from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, the committee heard evidence from witnesses within local government – including the Lord Mayor of Sydney – as well as peak industry bodies in the arts and cultural heritage sector. If you missed the hearing and are interested in watching the proceedings, the committee will upload yesterday’s video footage to the committee’s website in the coming week.

Bills reports tabling today 

Inquiries into a number of water bills and Rural Fire Service donations are coming to an end this week as Portfolio Committee No. 4 and Portfolio Committee No. 5 prepare to publish their reports on Friday 31 July.

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