On Wednesday, the House continued consideration in committee of the whole of a large number of proposed amendments to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. Although this took up most of the sitting day, a private members’ bill was also introduced, and a number of general motions and orders for papers agreed to.

Let’s look at how the day unfolded…

Animal Research Amendment (Right to Release) Bill 2022

The Animal Research Amendment (Right to Release) Bill 2022 seeks to insert a new clause into the Animal Research Act 1985 to give dogs and cats used in animal experimentation the right to be released, and to increase the number of animals rehomed after experimentation in NSW. The bill has the support of several rescue organisations.

Ms Hurst (Animal Justice Party) introduced the bill and made her second reading speech on Wednesday. You can read Ms Hurst’s full second reading speech in Hansard.

According to standing order, debate on the bill was then adjourned for five calendar days.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021

With the second reading of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 having been agreed to last week, debate continued on Wednesday when the House resolved into committee of the whole to consider proposed amendments to the bill. You can read how the bill progressed to this stage in last week’s blog.

Numerous amendments were considered by the House – we’ve grouped them according to theme and outcome below, with links to the original if you’d like to see the detail:

Consideration of the bill in committee of the whole was interrupted when the House adjourned at midnight. Check out our next blog published for a summary of what happened next..

List of General Motions and Orders for Papers

The following orders for papers were agreed to:

The following general motions were agreed to:

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