On Wednesday the Legislative Council dealt with a host of private members’ business, including agreeing to four orders for papers and debating general motions spanning everything from the use of shark nets in NSW to human rights in Iran. A committee referral also took centre stage during the day. Read on for more…  


The following motions were debated in the House over the course of the day:  

Topic of motion (click link for details)Moved byAgreed to?
Shark netsThe Hon Emma Hurst (Animal Justice Party)Agreed to, as amended
Cameron O’Reilly review regarding Eraring Power StationThe Hon Mark Latham (Independent)Agreed to, as amended
TAFE funding shortfallThe Hon Emily Suvaal (Labor)Agreed to, as amended, on division (Ayes: 25 / Noes: 14)
Natural Resources Access Regulator and water metering complianceThe Hon Jeremy Buckingham (Legalise Cannabis Party)Agreed to on division (Ayes: 21 / Noes: 16)
Murray-Darling Basin PlanMs Cate Faehrmann (The Greens)Agreed to, as amended, on division (Ayes: 19 / Noes: 17)
Tolling reviewThe Hon Mark Buttigieg (Labor)Agreed to
AUKUS pactThe Hon Chris Rath (Liberal)Agreed to on division (Ayes: 30 / Noes: 7)
Human rights in IranThe Hon Cameron Murphy (Labor)Agreed to

In addition to the above motions debated in the chamber, the following motions were agreed to without debate, during the morning’s formal business:  


Among the day’s general motions, the House agreed to establish a new Public Accountability and Works Committee inquiry into the appointments of the Secretary of Transport for NSW and the NSW Cross Border Assistant Commissioner.  

This was a procedurally interesting affair, firstly due to the House’s extensive debate on the motion, which was moved by the Hon Natalie Ward (Liberal) and originally referenced only the appointment of the Transport for NSW Secretary. Amendments were moved to the motion – and amendments to amendments – that saw the inquiry’s potential terms of reference being expanded and also narrowed.  

With a revised terms of reference ultimately agreed to following a series of divisions on the amendments, the other procedurally interesting point was that earlier in the week, the committee had actually received a self-referral into the very same appointments. Ultimately, the House’s referral superseded the committee’s self-referral, which lapsed.  

You can find the full debate proceedings in Hansard here and also here, and learn more about the inquiry on the Parliament’s website.    


Request (click link for details)Moved byAgreed to?Due date
Papers relating to the recruitment and appointment of the Secretary of Transport for NSW – further orderThe Hon Natalie Ward (Liberal)Agreed to, as amended9 September 2023
Papers relating to public forest harvesting operations in NSWSue Higginson (The Greens)Agreed to, as amended13 September 2023
Papers relating to the aerial culling of brumbiesThe Hon Bronnie Taylor (Liberal)Agreed to6 September 2023
Papers relating to disclosures made by Mr Tim Crakanthorp MPThe Hon Sarah Mitchell on behalf of the Hon Natalie Ward (both Liberal)Agreed to6 September 2023


Among the documents tabled on Wednesday was Execution of search warrants by the Australian Federal Police No. 5 – an August 2023 report of the Council’s Privileges Committee – and the Surveillance Devices Amendment (ICAC) Regulation 2023, which was accompanied by a Ministerial Statement made by the Hon John Graham.

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