A bill to establish a new animal welfare body under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 was introduced in the Legislative Council on Wednesday. With more than 10 general motions also debated, our latest private members’ day saw a variety of business before the House. Read on for more… 

INTRODUCED: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Independent Office of Animal Welfare) Bill 2023 

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Independent Office of Animal Welfare) Bill 2023 was introduced by Ms Abigail Boyd (The Greens). The bill would amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 to establish an independent statutory body responsible for ensuring the welfare of animals in NSW.  

The new Independent Office of Animal Welfare – supported by the related office of the Chief Animal Welfare Officer and the Independent Office of Animal Welfare Advisory Committee – would be responsible for promoting knowledge of animal welfare issues and improving outcomes in this area. It would ensure the independent review of the state’s animal-welfare-related policies and guidelines, and that the administration and enforcement of animal welfare laws are similarly reviewed. In making these changes, the bill would remove the responsibility for animal welfare from the Department of Primary Industries. 

In addition, the bill seeks to include the NSW RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League NSW as approved charities for the purpose of the Act. Read more in Ms Boyd’s second reading speech. 

After its introduction in the chamber, debate on the bill was adjourned for five calendar days, according to standing order. 


The following motions were debated in the House over the course of the day: 

Topic of motion Moved by Agreed to? 
Gaza conflict (also continued in Hansard hereThe Hon Chris Rath (Liberal) Agreed to, as amended 
NSW Police force strip search practices The Hon Jeremy Buckingham (Legalise Cannabis Party) Negatived on division (Ayes: 7/Noes: 32) 
Down Syndrome Awareness Month The Hon Natasha Maclaren-Jones (Liberal) Agreed to, as amended 
Ultimate Fighting Championship The Hon Mark Latham (Independent) Agreed to 
Department of Primary Industries Disease Research (also continued in Hansard hereThe Hon Robert Borsak (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers) Agreed to, as amended 
Passing of Dorothy Isaksen AM The Hon Peter Primrose (Labor) Agreed to 
Year 1 phonics check The Hon Sarah Mitchell (Nationals) Agreed to, as amended 
Companion animals on public transport The Hon Emma Hurst (Animal Justice Party) Agreed to, as amended 
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month The Hon Sarah Mitchell (Nationals) Agreed to 
Voice to NSW Parliament The Hon Tania Mihailuk (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) Negatived, as amended, on division (Ayes:13/Noes:19) 
Bushfire preparedness The Hon Peter Primrose (Labor) Agreed to 
Made in NSW Fund The Hon Jacqui Munro and behalf of the Hon Susan Carter (Liberal) Negatived on division (Ayes:12/Noes:22) 

In addition, the following general motions were agreed to without debate during the morning’s formal business: 


Request Moved by Agreed to? Due date 
Papers relating to Departmental Liaison Officers in the Office of the Minister for Transport The Hon Natalie Ward (Liberal) Agreed to, as amended, on division (Ayes: 21/Noes: 15)  1 November 2023 


Among the documents tabled on Thursday was the Government response to a recent petition presented to the Council, concerning logging in Ourimbah State Forest. Did you know? Petitions presented to the House that have been signed by 500 or more people must be responded to by the relevant Minister within 35 calendar days. Learn more about petitioning the Council here. 

Find all tabled and reported documents in our Tabled Papers Database.  

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