Electricity pricing is a topical and at times divisive issue in Australia . This week we are posting a special ‘In Committees’ edition to provide an update on a range of site visits undertaken by the Select Committee into Electricity Supply, Demand and Prices in New South Wales. You can find further information on all current and past inquiries on our website.

Seeing energy production first hand

Over the last few weeks the select committee into electricity supply, demand and prices in New South Wales has visited a range of electricity generating facilities to learn more about the state’s energy generation mix.

The committee has undertaken 7 site visits across NSW to including those to Eraring Coal-Fired Power Station; Tumut 3 Power Station, Snowy Hydro; Gullen Range Wind Farm and Gullen Solar Farm; and Cape Byron Biomass Power Station.

With the state’s energy mix in a period of transition, the committee has been active in identifying opportunities to learn about emerging electricity generation sources. To that end, the committee has travelled beyond the state’s borders and is currently in South Australia visiting the Hornsdale Power Reserve.

The Hornsdale facility hosts the world’s largest lithium-ion battery which receives and stores power from an accompanying wind farm. The battery provides network security services to the South Australian electricity market by releasing power into the grid at times of peak demand to offset load-shedding and blackouts.

The committee has also been active in its hearing work having held four public hearings to date. Another hearing is scheduled for 18 June. At the hearings the committee has heard from a range of energy experts in policy, industry and academia.

The combination of hearings and site visits has provided the committee a platform to delve deeply into the components that comprise the state’s electricity market.

The committee’s report and recommendations are due in late November. Further information about the work of the committee and its inquiry can be found on its website.