Amendments to the Modern Slavery Bill

During formalities the President reported receipt of a message from the Legislative Assembly informing the Council that the Assembly had agreed to the Modern Slavery Bill, a private members’ bill introduced by Mr Green (Christian Democratic Party). The message requested the Council’s concurrence in the 22 amendments agreed to in the Assembly. The Assembly’s amendments are expected to be considered on Thursday 21 June, the final private members’ business day before the winter recess.

Private members’ business

ANZAC Day 2018 (Mr Franklin, The Nationals)

The motion states that Anzac Day is the most important national day of commemoration, as well as noting 2014-2018 as the Centenary of ANZAC and marking the end of World War I. The motion also acknowledges and honours the original ANZACs and those who have served over the past century, recognises commemorative events across the State, and encourages future generations to continue Anzac remembrance traditions.

Members of the Government, Opposition and the Christian Democratic Party spoke to the motion. The debate was wide-ranging, with members honouring those who had served, acknowledging the significant impact of conflicts on soldiers, their families and the nation, reflecting on regional and metropolitan commemorative services, events and memorials, and noting efforts being undertaken to ensure Anzac Day continues to be commemorated into the future. Debate was adjourned until the next sitting day (see Hansard to follow the debate).

Live Animal Export Industry (Mr Pearson, Animal Justice Party)

The motion condemns the live animal export industry and notes the recent Animals Australia exposé of the extreme suffering of sheep confined on the Awassi Express. The motion calls on the Minister for Primary Industries to meet with the Federal Minister for Agriculture to convey the Council’s disgust at the continued breaches of Australian animal cruelty laws, and to advocate for a ban on live animal exports. The motion also calls on the Government to prohibit the land transport of animals to New South Wales ports or other States for the purpose of boarding onto live export ships.

Debate resumed on the motion from 17 May 2018, see House in Review for 17 May.

Mr Veitch, Mr Green and Dr Faruqi spoke to the motion, discussing the live animal export industry and the current debate on the standard of treatment of animals during live export. Debate was then adjourned until next sitting day (see Hansard to read the debate).

Select committee on homelessness (Mr Wong, Australian Labor Party)

The motion calls on the House to establish a select committee to inquire into and report on preventing and addressing homelessness in New South Wales.

Debate on the motion commenced on Thursday (see Hansard for a transcript of the debate). The mover of the motion, Mr Wong, while acknowledging the positive intent of the Government and the projects it was implementing, said the proposed inquiry would help develop an overall strategy towards a determined, comprehensive effort to address homelessness. Following contributions from a further six members, who were equally divided between support for and opposition to the motion, debate was adjourned.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

    • Ms Ward – Marian Street Theatre
    • Mr Secord – Active Breed Health Program
    • Mr Pearson – Insect Sentience
    • Revd Nile – Full-Face Coverings Prohibition
    • Mr Moselmane – Racism
    • Mr Martin – State Infrastructure.

See Hansard for details of the debate.


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