Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019

In case you missed it: We posted a few weeks ago about the progress of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 through the NSW Parliament so far. Read the blog post for more details.

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Proceedings on Tuesday

Following formalities, the House resolved straight into committee of the whole to consider amendments. A large number of amendments have been proposed. These are available on our website.

The House considered seven sets of amendments, of which two were successful. These amendments change the name of the legislation to “Abortion Law Reform Act 2019” and insert additional provisions regarding informed consent.

There are still many more amendments to consider and the House will be debating these on Wednesday. If the bill passes the Council, it will be returned to the Assembly for that House to consider these amendments before the bill can become law.

The following table provides a brief snapshot of the views of members on the amendments voted on thus far. Debate on many of these amendments was lengthy, with many nuanced arguments from those who supported or opposed the amendments. For the full picture read the Hansard transcript.

Member moving - Table - Final

* These numbers refer to the amendment sheets on the bill’s webpage.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

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