Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019

In case you need to catch up on proceedings check out our blog posts about the passage of the bill during August and consideration of amendments on Tuesday.

Proceedings on Wednesday

Similar to Tuesday, the House resolved into committee of the whole following formalities to consider amendments to the bill.

The House voted on five sets of amendments, with two sets being agreed to. These related to the care of a person born alive after termination and the offer of counselling.

Debate on amendments was more complicated than it had been on Tuesday, as the House considered various sets of amendments which were moved concurrently by different members, that proposed slightly different changes to the same parts of the bill.

The House adjourned just before 12.30 am to resume consideration of amendments to the bill on Thursday.

The following table provides a brief snapshot of the views of members on the amendments voted on Wednesday. Debate on many of these amendments was lengthy, with many nuanced arguments from those who supported or opposed the amendments. For the full picture read the Hansard transcript.

Table 2 - Wed.jpg

* These numbers refer to the amendment sheets on the bill’s webpage.

Adjournment debate

The following members spoke to the adjournment debate:

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