This week PC 3 publishes its report into measurement and outcome-based funding, while hearings continue into koala populations and habitats, and into building regulations.

PC 3 tables its report into measurement and outcome-based funding  

Earlier today, Portfolio Committee No. 3 released its report on measurement and outcome-based funding in New South Wales schools.

The committee made 66 recommendations to assist with the introduction of outcome-based budgeting, improve the NSW schools system and lift students’ results.

Key issues examined by the committee include: evidence-based teaching practices such as explicit instruction which are being used successfully to improve learning outcomes of students; the need for data sharing and greater cooperation between the government and non-government education sectors; and the level of accountability and transparency concerning performance measurement and reporting. In order to lift NSW school outcomes, the committee called on the NSW Government to establish an independent authority for the measurement and public reporting of school outcomes.

A government response to the report is due on 18 August 2020.

Hearings continue for PC 7’s koalas inquiry  

Today Portfolio Committee No. 7 continued its inquiry into koala populations and habitat with a public hearing at Parliament House. The committee has recently returned from the NSW Mid-North Coast – a region that suffered enormously in the bushfires over summer – and will use today’s hearings to seek further evidence on what needs to be done to ensure the survival of koala populations.

Witnesses invited to today’s hearing include: koala academics and legal experts, Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust, Science for Wildlife, Hotspots Fire Project, the Australian Workers Union and a representative of the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

Public Accountability Committee to hold an offsite hearing into building regulation

On Thursday the Public Accountability Committee will head up to Newcastle to hear from local councils and interested groups about issues with building regulation in their area. The committee has heard a lot of evidence about the problems in the industry and is interested in how these issues are impacting people outside metropolitan Sydney.

The committee will also hold its final hearing next Monday at Parliament, where it will hear from building professionals and the NSW Government, including the NSW Building Commissioner, for a final wrap-up.


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