As the Northern Beaches inquiry comes to a close soon, there’s been no rest for Portfolio Committee No. 2 with the launch of two new health-related inquiries this month.

Health impacts of poor air quality in NSW

Arising from concerns about the poor air quality from the recent bushfires and drought, the committee has set up an inquiry into health impacts of exposure to poor levels of air quality from bushfires and drought. Specifically, the committee will examine the impact on at risk groups such as children and people with asthma, and on people exposed to poor outdoor air in the workplace. The inquiry will look at the long term health impacts of exposure, and the use of strategies to mitigate them.  It will also examine the effectiveness of the NSW Government to plan for and improve air quality, with attention to public awareness, protective measures, ensuring the health of at risk groups, work health and safety provisions, and resourcing.

✍️ Submissions close 13 March 2020. A hearing is scheduled for 23 April and the committee is expecting to report by the end of June.

Health services in south west Sydney

The second inquiry – into the current and future provision of health services in the south west Sydney growth region – will compare past health expenditure in this rapidly growing region with health expenditure in other parts of Sydney, while looking ahead to 2050 to consider the region’s future health infrastructure needs in the context of growth planning for south west Sydney. This will provide an opportunity to gather evidence on a range of health services, including current levels of service in mental, community and allied health as well as preventative health programs, such as childhood obesity.

The committee is expecting to hold public hearings in the coming months to hear from stakeholders in government, the health care sector and the community, including in south west Sydney.

✍️ To make a submission, visit the submission page on the inquiry website. Submissions close on 22 March 2020.


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